Gospel Singer Ewuraba Eesi Calls On Government To Restrict Importation Of Second-Hand Clothing

In the wake of Ghana recording more coronavirus cases, many people have taken it upon themselves to help fight the virus in whatever way they can, some through educating the public and others by sharing free sanitizers.

In consequence, popular Takoradi based Gospel Musician Ewuraba Eesi has called on the government to implement strict measures which would minimise the spread of the deadly COVID19 to various parts of the country. Thus, importation of second-hand clothes, handkerchiefs, boxers, pillows, beds, etc into the country should be restricted.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with bogaalihashim.com the gospel singer said, "in as much as the government is putting efforts to fight the spread of the coronavirus, we shouldn't lose sight of certain second-hand clothes popularly termed as 'fos' mattresses, boxers, beds, handkerchiefs entering the country. As a matter of urgency, government should put an embargo on those importation forthwith" she opined.

"Those already in the country should be thoroughly fumigated before they are exposed for the market" she asserted.

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Additionally, she cautioned that if this is not heeded to, the situation is likely to get out of hand and more people will be infected.

"Controlling the Importation of such goods will be a sure way of containing the spread of the deadly virus because humans are the major carriers.

Again, people should only travel or move out from their various homes when their cause is very necessary like going to hospital, but anything else can wait” she advised.

The 'gyinapintsin' and 'aseda' hit maker  continued that people need to be sensitised on the seriousness of this situation for them to understand the need to stay indoors as much as possible.

Ewuraba Eesi however urged Ghanaians to adhere to the precautionary measures against the pandemic, such as the frequent washing of hands, using sanitizers, having enough rest, avoid shaking of hands and hugging.

Meanwhile, President Akufo-Addo has directed the Ghana's borders both land and the airport to be shut down effectively midnight of Sunday March 22.

He said the borders will be closed down for two weeks to help combat the deadly bug.

He added that anyone traveler who arrives before Sunday midnight will undergo the 14days quarantine and test.

The President said this during his third address to the nation Saturday 21st March.

Below is highlights of his address:

1. All borders will be closed to passengers from Sunday midnight for two weeks.

2. All contacts( persons who have come into contact with infected person) will be tested for the virus.

3. Recalling of retired health professionals to help in preventing the spread.

4. Avoid unnecessary body touch.

5.Wash your hand regularly with soaps and sanitized your hands with alcohol bases sanitizer.

6. National Day of Fasting and Prayer to be observed by all on Wednesday.

7. 50,000 test kits ordered and to be arrived in the country soon.

Ghana has so far recorded 24 cases of the COVID19 pandemic as at today 23rd of March

Source: www.bogaalihashim.com

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