Kweku Bee Abrante Writes: What Is Being Done In Takoradi Market To Curb The Spread Amid COVID-19

Kweku Bee Abrante is a renowned Ghanaian broadcaster, entertainment critic, writer and a professional teacher and he writes

"To prevent the novel Corona virus from entering Sekondi Takoradi, authorities announced that market women create spaces between them but this didn't yield any results as the Takoradi Market Circle  was over populated to allow social distancing. Authorities upon realising this  took the following steps in the market .

The pictures below gives an idea of how the market was congested and now.

Authorities of Sekondi Takoradi secured a bigger venue to be used as a temporary market where social distancing can be observed after realising market circle can not help the situation as it's already congested.

 Finally, authorities of Takoradi settled on the Takoradi  Jubilee park for trading temporary. They demarcated  spaces of 1 meter which is equal to 3 feet with paints for sellers and also educated them to stay in they demarcation.

They finally tasked the market queens to ensure they don't violate the measures and warned that if they do, authorities will have no option than to close down the market.

I personally visited the Taadi market to check if the measure is working and realised how the demarcation is working wonders in the market and helping the fight against COVID 19

In a nutshell, I wish other MMDCEs  can take charge of the situation and demacate spaces for market  women to sell if they are unable to do so themselves  as is  being done in Sekondi  market to prevent the spread.

Again, authorities should enforce social distancing in our public transport as is being done in Takoradi.

Furthermore, barriers can be erected at the entrance of every region to test or screen passengers entering the region as is also being practiced  at the Takoradi Beposo road for all passengers.

Let's to wait before we close the markets like the Kasoa market and the Kumasi markets are being closed . AUTHORITIES SHOULD STAND UP TO PREVENT COVID 19"

Source:Kweku Bee Abrante

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