Pray But Do The Needful To Prevent Coronavirus – Diana Hamilton

Gospel musician Diana Hamilton

Gospel musician Diana Hamilton is advocating that while people should pray to God to intervene in the current fight against the coronavirus pandemic, they should also do their part.

She noted that whereas she believes in God and prayer, people should do well to adhere to all the preventive measures put in place to curb the spread of the pandemic.

Speaking in an interview via Skype with MzGee on TV3’s New Day, the ‘Mo Ne Yo’ singer stressed that prayer alone is not the solution to the fight against the deadly virus.

Diana Hamilton explained: “Prayers can do everything if we believe that God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly…prayer can do it but whiles we are praying to God, it’s like saying that you have a headache but you will not take paracetamol but you will only pray…”

“Much as we pray, it’s also very important that we do the needful i.e. social distancing, self-isolation, being quarantined, washing of your hands, avoiding crowds…,” the award-winning musician advocated.

She noted that Covid-19 does not discriminate and that “this thing is real…it is very important that we see the severity of this and stay off the streets and be at home. It is scary…”

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