We cannot thank you enough – CEO of Western Music Awards to Hon. Joseph Cudjoe

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Westline Entertainment, organizers of Western Music Awards, Emmanuel Ampaabeng has expressed profound gratitude to the Member of Parliament for Effia, Hon Joseph Cudjoe who is also the Deputy Minister of Energy for the overwhelming support he gave the fourth edition of the Western Music Awards.

“You understand the Creative Arts and know the impact that it makes in nation building. You showed that in this year’s edition of the awards and we cannot thank you enough. This year’s awards was possible largely because of the support you gave us. We are forever grateful” Emmanuel Ampaabeng expressed.

“Honourable did not only give us money to organize the awards but also gave the Artiste of the year $1,000 and also gave all Artistes from his constituency $100 each. This makes the Artistes concentrate on their craft and not think of anything untoward” Mr. Ampaabeng further expressed.

The MP for Effia is known for supporting budding talents and human development in the Western Region

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