It’s Time Ghanaians Start Appreciating Their Own Artiste – Peter Okoye

Nigerian artist Peter Okoye advises Ghanaians to start appreciating their own artiste and promote them however they can

According to him on Joy News in a yet to be showed episode of E vibes hosted by Becky, the Nigerian artist Peter Okoye said it is time Ghanaians start appreciating their own as he talks about music

I think it is time for Ghanaians to start appreciating their people, Nigerians did it for us

He said

Also, he advised up-and-coming artists to believe in themselves adding that it does not matter the kind of collaborations you do because to blow or to make it depends on you the artiste not who you feature.

It doesn’t matter who you do collaborations with, if you are going to be big it starts with you

He added

It’s honestly disturbing how must Ghanaians will support a foreign artiste wholeheartedly without any tangible reason but will give several reasons why they won’t support their own, yet these same Ghanaians will complain about the industry not growing.

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