Mark Okraku Mantey can’t head the Creative Arts Industry - Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale

‘Dancehall king’ Shatta Wale has opined that the President of the Creative Arts Agency, Mark Okraku Mantey, cannot serve in the capacity of a deputy minister of the Creative Arts Industry or any other related position.

According to him, he cannot pinpoint any impact he has received from the President of the Creative Arts Agency and as such he believes he does not deserve the position.

Speaking in an interview with YFM’s Rev. Erskine on the Y Leaderboard Series, he stated: “If our leaders are listening to me, I think it [Ministry of Creative Arts, Tourism and Culture] is something that they need to dissolve. We are in the technology world now. Someone like Mark Okraku Mantey can’t be there. Our leaders need to know. I am not saying it because I want to spoil his job. His job was a producer who became a Programmes Director wherever he is but people like that don’t have vision.

Up till now, I haven’t seen his house. He cannot encourage me. Up to now, I have not seen certain things in the industry that have pushed me. We are talking about creative arts here. But ask yourself how many artists have gotten their royalties in the industry. In this music industry that we are in, Amakye Dede is still complaining”.

The ‘My level’ hitmaker noted that if he was to be given a position as a Minister of the Creative Arts, there will be chaos as “he will just put everything to halt for about a month because our creative arts is not the best at all in this country”.

He encouraged that our leaders must let the structure work to benefit all artistes in Ghana.

Meanwhile, he has said that if he were to be appointed a minister of the creative arts, he would choose either Stonebwoy or Sarkodie to be his deputy minister.

Some in the creative arts industry are hoping that President of the Creative Arts Agency, Mr Okraku Mantey will be appointed as Deputy Minister of the industry.

Mark Okraku Mantey, reacting to the many recommendations by some industry players has said that he is much grateful for the endorsements across the industry as he describes the industry as a supportive one.

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