Bulldog details how he got arrested by the NIB

Bulldog arrested BNI

Bulldog has recounted the happenings before, during and after his recent arrest by the National Investigations Bureau(NIB).

Reports coming out weeks ago was that Shatta Wale’s former manager, Bulldog had been dumped in a cell by the NIB for threatening the President of the Republic.

While on the United Showbiz Show, Bulldog, in a conversation about the now defunct Menzgold, stated that if Akufo Addo’s government did not pay the locked up monies of customers, his second term will end abruptly.

It was reported a day afterwards that the assertive Bulldog had been apprehended by a team of NIB officers.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Halifax Addo on Okay FM after his release, the Creative Director of Bullhaus Entertainment recounted the happenings surrounding his arrest.

He mentioned that a team of NIB officers surrounded him at the entrance to his house on the day of arrest.

After taking both his phone and that of his aide, the team flashed a sheet of paper supposed to be a search warrant in his face and cuffed him without explaining why he was been apprehended.

According to him, the team went into his house and searced the property for a weapon to implicate him with but they found none.

After their fruitless search, Bulldog recalled that he asked one of the officers where they were from and he said the National Investigations Bureau- they had not informed him the whole time.

Bulldog disclosed that he remained calm the whole time and didn’t not resist arrest although he had an eye out to make sure they didn’t plant any weapon in his house to implicate him.

“There were about seven of them that entered my house. I saw two of them in police uniform with AK47s and then 5 other officers in bulletproof vests and pistols. Its good I stayed calm because if I was my usual self I wouldn’t be here speaking to you,” he said.

He concluded by saying that he confirmed that these men were indeed who they said they were because the route they took led to the NIB’s office.

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