Ray James in ‘The One’: I hold the title as better songwriter – Too much noise and rubbish in Ghana music

Formerly known as Snow B, Takoradi born-bred budding Artiste, Ray James has expressed his frustration about the barrage of noise and rubbish in Ghana music industry.

In his latest release ‘The One,’ Ray James wonders if there is gun on any Artiste to release song in a hurry. He admonishes some of his fellow Artistes who are churning out ‘borla songs to “put an end to music because no one is under duress to do it (music).”

“Wake up at dawn and put down carefully written lyrics, I mean put in a lot of learning because there is too much rubbish in the system” Ray James further adds.  

According to Ray James, a lot of Artistes are more interested on their social media presence and courting the attention of the netizens than their craft, resulting in “a lot of borla” in the system.

He (Ray James) also in the song boldly states that, apart from him, there is no one who writes better music, making him the title holder of better song writing.  

Known by many as the ladies’ man, Ray James is sure that no Artiste could ever compete with him.

‘The One’ by Ray James, produced by Body Beatz below

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