Dwarfs giving us problems in Daboase – Chief of Daboase

The Chief of Daboase, Nana Ekow Piabo IV speaking to Skyy Power 93.5fm’s Nana Yaw Kumi revealed that, dwarfs in Daboase, a town in Wassa East District in the Western Region of Ghana have been giving them problems because of a promise they have failed to fulfill them.

Nana Ekow in his address on Friday, March 26 said, there was a time the Division 1 Supervisor of Plantation SOCFINAF; a rubber and palm oil factory got missing. Upon their research, they realised he has been taken by the dwarfs in the forest, so they had to do some rites to appease the dwarfs to bring back the man. They gave the man back after the rites and the dwarfs made them aware they will have to be performing certain rituals every year to stop such incidents from happening.

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Also, the chief revealed that, there are certain items that the dwarfs request for the rites to be performed. The rubber and palm oil factory normally gets their staff taken by these dwarfs and whenever that happens, it is the chief and his elders who go into the forest to perform certain rites for the staffs to be released.

Moreover, He has made the factory aware of the annual rituals which is to be performed every year for the dwarfs which include some specific items to be bought. The factory do not want to do it which has been the problem with the dwarfs this year. He don’t know if it is due to their educational background that is making them refuse the offer.

The chief indicated that, the route the workers use to go to their site is the home of the dwarfs. When anyone gets there, they will see a big rock and the place is always neatly swept. That indicates someone lives there even though it is a forest.

He revealed that, the factory seems not to care when a child or any member of the community gets missing, but whenever their staff gets missing, leaders of the factory come to them for help. This is because when they search, they find nothing. Until they have performed the rites, that is when the staff is released to them. Yet they feel reluctant to perform the annual rituals.

He also said, the elders of the town and the leaders of the factory have had about 3 meetings about the same issue but have not taken their advice to do what is right.


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