Ghastly Accident in Takoradi put fruits seller, two others in critical condition




Three persons, including a fruit seller, narrowly escaped death when a truck with registration number AS 5119-N drone into a container at Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana. The unfortunate scene happened on Monday evening at Tadisco Down, a suburb of Takoradi.  The truck which was fully loaded with scrap metals overturned as the driver attempted to initiate a curve uphill the Tadisco- St. Francis road. A fruit seller who had her container just down the hill was nearly crushed by the load of scrap metals that poured out of the bucket of the haulage truck.

The truck had just loaded from a nearby scrap collection point and was heading to load a few others before it finally departs for its destination in Tema, an eye witness revealed.

According to him (name withheld) the truck driver was just struggling to make the turn on the sharp curve as it climbed up the hill on the road but due to the load, it fell off its axle.

The Fruit seller was in the company of some other (two) women, engaged in a conversation only to hear a loud crashing sound behind them as the heavy metals poured into the road towards them.

“We were taken by freight and run away from the danger. It was very loud and scared the hell out of us,” an eyewitness recounted.


Had it not been for the front pillars and a street light pole right In front of the container the scrap metals could have harmed the fruit seller and her company. For several fuel tanks of the truck broke and thus leaked the fuel onto the road.

Some young men were quickly mobilized to assist in taking off the load. In the process, heavy traffic ensued until the traffic was redirected onto the adjourning ones. The work per some estimation would take them to midnight.


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