Limiting our music to dance music won’t grow our industry - Camidoh implies

Ghanaian Afropop artiste, producer and songwriter, Camidoh has advised upcoming artistes to change their view about all Ghanaians loving music that only make them dance.

According to him, not all Ghanaians love music they can dance to, some also just love to listen to good music and this is why he has chosen to stick to the genre of music he does.

In an interview with NYDJ on Y 102.5 FM’s Ryse n Shyne Show monitored by he said, “For the longest of time, people have had the notion that Ghanaians want to dance which is alright and I understand that. But they should also note that some Ghanaians if you look through properly, also want to listen to good music”.

Not disputing the fact that music should be able to move the listener, he is of the view that if musicians do not clear the belief that Ghanaians only love music that makes them dance, then, it will prevent them from making music in its fullness.

The Afropop singer believes that “Music in its fullness should not only be danceable and they should not only be songs full of rhythm else we can’t grow our industry”.

He stated that these are some of the reasons that pushed him to always be himself.

“The fact of the matter is, Camidoh is a very versatile artiste but I feel like if I can do this and do it well, then let me just do that and do it perfectly. Maybe later, I can decide to diversify into another genre and kill it. But for now, I want people to identify me by what I do best,” he said

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