Takoradi: Anaji Fie market women express grievances over new market delays





Anaji Fie market women who were relocated for the rebuilding of the Anaji market into an ultra modern market express their grievances over the delay of the project.

In a report, the market women, expressed their inconveniences at the new location that, It is affecting their businesses negatively and the delay in the building of the new market which was estimated for 3 months has been 9 months now with no good news and development.

One of the market women said, “Since they relocated us, business has been poor and people don’t know there is a market here because it is a taxi station and the cars have covered up our business. We will need to carry our stuffs home and back everyday which is very tiring. The EKMA officials who are responsible for this, don’t come here anymore and we don’t see them around to even ask any questions”.

She added, ” The Member of Parliament for Takoradi came around sometime ago and told us, the budget hasn’t been read yet so we should have patience after the budget, then work on the market will begin. So we should expect the project to begin in 3 months time”.

The market women are expecting the building of the new market as soon as possible, as time estimated for it has passed. The inconveniences at the temporal location is unbearable and will expect things to change soon after the 2021 budget has been read on Friday, March 12, 2021.


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