W/R: Road accident kills 20 in January 2021 only – NRSA confirms



Western Region Director of the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA), Nana Akua Ansah has revealed that, a total of twenty persons have died in January 2021 only.

According to her, the figure is an appreciation of fourteen (14) deaths that were recorded in January 2020.

Out of the twenty persons who have died in 2021, she indicates that eighteen (18) are males and two (2) are females.

Nana Akua Ansah indicates that fifty-seven (57) commercial vehicles were also involved in accidents, whilst a total of forty-one (41) motorcycles also recorded accidents.

She adds that some fifty-seven (57) private vehicles were also involved in various forms of accidents in January 2021 as against seventy-two (72) in the year 2020.

“When you look at the road accident statistics in January 2021, a total of twenty (20) crashes killed people. But it was fourteen in 2020. We have also recorded thirty-one (31) serious cases of road accidents in 2021 as against thirty-nine (39) last year. The total number of commercial cars involved in these accidents is fifty-seven (57) only in January this year. But it was eighty-two (82) last year. Fifty-seven (57) private vehicles have also reported accidents as against seventy-two (72) last year. Forty-one (41) Motorcycles have also been involved in accidents whilst forty-four (44) were recorded last year”. She indicated.

According to Nana Akua Ansah, one hundred and fifty-five (155) road accidents have been recorded in the month of January 2021.

She advised drivers and other road users to abide by the road safety rules when using the roads. According to her, the majority of the accidents recorded are largely blamed on drivers.

She adds that road crashes can only be reduced when drivers are cautious on the road.

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