W/R: Man’s lips bitten off in attack led by chief’s relative at Mpohor

Baba Ali Alegimah had to suffer multiple cutlass wounds and his lips bitten off as well after he was attacked by a gang who accused him of failing to produce a stolen phone on time.

Baba Ali Alegimah had visited his wife, Mary, at her mother’s, where she had given birth two weeks ago.

But upon his return to his residence at Awona-krom in the Mpohor District in the Western Region, he realised that someone had forcibly entered his room and made away with his wife’s cloths, laptop, mobile phones including one belonging to his friend, Chikata.

All hands pointed to Kofi as the suspect because before Baba Ali had travelled, Kofi came for a cutlass from him and that same machete was found back in the room.

Kofi was arrested and sent to the police station.

The police told Baba Ali this was the second time Kofi has been arrested, hence, he should be granted bail for him to pay back all the stolen items.

Later, Chikata went to Baba Ali to demand his phone but as the latter was explaining the situation, the former and his gang started beating him and inflicted matchete wounds on him.

Baba Ali’s further step to report the issue to the chief at his palace resulted in further beatings as the gang pursued him and this time round beat him mercilessly and bit off his lips right in front of the chief’s palace.

Narrating the incidentBaba Ali said the chief told him there is nothing he can do since the gang leader is his relative.

He has since reported the case to the police at Mpohor and was told to go to hospital to have surgery on his lips before they can pursue the case.

According to him, he can’t afford the cost of GH¢2,000 for the surgery, yet the police at Mpohor seems unconcerned.


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