Takoradi Commercial Drivers not Happy with 13% Transport Fare Increment

Transport fares are to go up 13% from Saturday, June 5, following a review by Road Transport Operators.

In a release, the operators said the increment was after a review of prices of various components that went into providing the commercial transport services.

However, some commercial drivers in Sekondi-Takoradi disagree with the 13% increment as they believe it is not enough to sustain their business with the recent fuel prices

Some concerned drivers shared their frustration in an interview,  make it known business will be difficult this time round because they expected more than 13%.

A driver said, “It is not only fuel we buy to sustain our business, we service and buy body parts of our cars as well, we buy oil and so many other things, we will want the government to know the percentage is small”.

Also, a driver indicated they expected the increase to be about 25% as they believe that could sustain them with the new fuel prices.

“We expected 25% increase and not 13%, since the fuel price has been increased about 2 times in the space of 1 month, I expected more. I hope the government listens and make the necessary changes for us.


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