I don’t want people to be looking for formal jobs – Kwesimintsim MP

Dr Prince Hamid Armah, Member of Parliament for Kwesimintsim, and Deputy Chairperson of Parliament’s Education Sub-Committee has stated that he is not comfortable with people looking for formal jobs as he would rather wish for them to develop a skill and be self-employed.

He made it known even though he has secured jobs for several people in the public service, he would wish for people to learn a trade, a skill and build on it to become self-employed rather than looking for white coloured jobs.

He indicated that doing 8 pm – 5 pm jobs does not make one self-sufficient looking at the situation in the country at the moment.

He said, ” Looking at the situation in our country, doing a white coloured job will not make you sufficient, imagine working for 8 hours and you receive GHS600 at the end of the month. You will still remain in the position that you are.”

“How will you pay rent, pay utilities, clothe yourself and feed with just GHS600 for one whole month, how will you survive.”

Dr Armah indicated the key to self-sufficiency is self-employment because you will control your destiny, income and your expenditure and be able to create wealth in the process.

According to him, he turns to advise the youth on their career path not to focus on work in the public sector since it will not make them self sufficient.

Also, he is now focusing on helping people acquire lifetime skills through his Technical Vocational Educational and Training programs mostly in the Kwesimintsim Constituency and the Western Region to help them secure their own future


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