Shatta Wale is a big artiste, his negative utterances about the industry must be fact-checked – 3Media Network CEO

Sadiq Abdulai Abu is the CEO of 3Media Networks, organisers of 3Music Awards

CEO of 3Media Network Sadiq Abdulai Abu says Shatta Wale’s utterances that affect the confidence of investors in the industry, must be fact-checked, especially because of the stature of the ‘Melissa’ hitmaker.

Speaking in an interview with Andy Dosty, Mr Abu said despite Shatta Wale’s prominence in the industry, he does not know much about the mechanics with regards to digital revenue.

According to him, Shatta Wale should not be allowed to mislead investors.

“I am saying to Shatta Wale that it is understandable that not every talent, regardless of their response, understands the deep level conversations of the industry. Shatta can pull all his stunts, but the things he says that affect investor confidence in the industry should not be allowed to go unchecked.”

“There are a number of things that the guy does not know. In checking him, let no one come and make it look like it’s disrespectful. If it was about disrespect, Shatta Wale would not have any moral right to talk about it,” Mr Abu said.

The 3Music Awards founder has been an ardent activist calling for more attention to be paid to the use of digital music platforms as a major avenue for musicians to make money in addition to shows and endorsement deals.

He believes that Shatta Wale is one of the individuals who downplay the importance of the use of these platforms.

Mr Abu added that Shatta Wale is not an authority that can’t be challenged. He stressed that he has been allowed to disrespect so many people in the industry and has to be stopped.

Making reference to Shatta Wale’s recent outbursts against video director, David Nicol-Sey, Mr Abu said that it is unfair to create the impression that one has to be at a certain level to agree with Shatta Wale for it to be validated.

He said that, “Shatta Wale has taken a stance against people who are older, more experienced and richer than him. Today, he talks about Nicol-Sey claiming he has nothing. We are virtually begging him (Nicol-Sey) to continue making videos. The guy has two mining companies in Takoradi. Do you think you can just disrespect someone like that?

Sadiq Abdulai Abu has been in the entertainment industry since 2004. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of 3 Media Network, operators of music media brand 3Music, as well as the CEO of the annual 3Music Awards.

Prior to this role, he was the Country Director of Transsion’s music streaming service Boomplay leading the setting up of the music streaming service’s office in Ghana, building a team and helping it acquire nearly 3.5 million users in Ghana as well as content from every relevant Ghanaian content owner.

He also previously worked for MTG AFRICA as Viasat1 Ghana’s head of programs & own productions/executive producer, where he led the team to win 18 various awards within a year and a half period.

At MTG AFRICA, he was also responsible for pan-African music channel Trace TV in Ghana and led the launch of the Airtel Trace Music Star reality show in Ghana.

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