I starve sometimes because I’m broke – Actress Mama Jane

Actress Mama Jane has said that life has not treated her well despite her popularity through acting.

According to her, she has been struggling financially and sometimes has to go days without food.

She was speaking to Accra-based Kingdom FM when she made this known.

“It got to a point even what I will use to buy food was a problem. One thing about me is that I don’t know how to beg, so I could not tell anyone my problems.

“People thought that I don’t have problems, but truly I had problems, but I don’t have friends, and so I don’t tell people my problems, so whatever happens to me, I am in my room,” she said.

The actress said while growing up, she wanted to be a judge or a secretary, but she did not achieve her dream because she got pregnant the first time she had sex with her first boyfriend.

She said her mother beat her up for disgracing her, and out of pain, she ran away from home, ending the dream she had always nursed.

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