Fuel prices are crazy; I spend about GH¢2,000 to fill my car every 3 days – Sarkodie

Ghanaian artiste Sarkodie, who recently released his ‘Jamz’ album, has mentioned how the increase in fuel prices is affecting him.

He told Joy FM on Showbiz A to Z over the weekend that times are hard for him too, despite his fame and fortunes.

“I wouldn’t be able to have my hands on everything because at least, thank God, we have moved from a certain stage where our problems may not necessarily be like the regular person on the street,” he said.

“If myself I can have a level of hardship in certain things, it’s not hardship (per se) but it was a big shock, fuel prices are crazy. To fill my car now, I am hitting towards 2,000 cedis, which is serious.

“You need about 2,000 cedis to be able to run around three days,” he added.

Last week, Sarkodie acknowledged the economic hardship the country is experiencing at the moment.

Although he does not think releasing a song to bash the current government is necessary, he believes that a lot of people are going through difficult times.

He told 3Music TV in an interview on Thursday, November 10, 2022 that “the country is worse [now]. We are in a serious crisis. People are really suffering.”

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