My picture being in a shrine doesn't mean I go there or you should – Kofi Kinaata

2022 Ghana Music Awards USA Artiste of the Year, Kofi Kinaata

Kofi Kinaata has issued a disclaimer concerning subscribing to goods and services simply because one sees him in a picture at a particular place or with a particular person.

He explained that if he is endorsing any service or product, he does it directly and often on his social media.

Kinaata was with Nana Romeo on the 'Ayekoo Ayekoo' mid-morning show on Accra 100.5 FM on Tuesday, December 20, 2022.

The 'Confessions' hitmaker was noting how he is widely accepted and loved for his music.

"I will say everyone in Ghana is my fan," he beamed. "I'm one of the few artistes who can proudly say he is loved by everyone."

"There is no age limit amongst my fans," he highlighted on the brink of laughter.

He agreed with Nana Romeo that his fans are assorted and from various walks of life.

Kinaata then told a story of once meeting a fan who looked like a traditional priest.

"We took a picture and he told me that, 'Kofi, your picture is at a certain shrine'," he narrated.

"He explained that he saw me and a traditional priest together in a picture at a shrine and I told him that was no problem. He is [probably] also a fan," the serial hitmaker continued.

Nana Romeo inquired if he is not concerned that his picture in a shrine could be used for advertisement.

"People will say anything they want. A Pastor could equally have my picture in the chapel," he responded.

"You can't also deny people pictures for fear of not knowing where he is taking it," he stressed. "I'm open to anything, anywhere."

He joked: "Who knows? I may have even taken a picture with the Devil himself before."

The Takoradi-born Highlife star took the opportunity to warn fans not to fall prey to spiritual leaders who may use his pictures with them to convince them to patronise their services.

"If you want to go to the shrine or wherever, please feel free," he lifted his hands for emphasis. "Just don't use me as an excuse or inspiration to make that choice."

He also stressed that one may see him in a picture with a fan who is subtly advertising, "let's say, a beverage. Don't think I am endorsing it. I may not have even had it before. Don't go buying it. It may end in complications and you can't blame me."

Kinaata's latest song is called 'Everyday (Essikafo Ammba Ntem)'.

This Friday, December 23, 2022, he joins fellow Sekondi-Takoradi native and Highlife legendGyedu-Blay Ambolley at the +233Jazz Bar & Grill for an event dubbed: 'TheBronya Experience'; to wit, 'The Christmas Experience'. MzVee and Cina Soul will also be performing.

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