Collaborations among African artistes should be considered as ‘international’- Trigmatic

Ghanaian musician, composer and songwriter, Enoch Nana Yaw Oduro – Agyei, popularly known as Trigmatic has expressed concern over the disregard for collaborations between African artistes and the recognition of these artistes across other countries

Trigmatic is dissatisfied with the fact that majority of African artistes and by implication, music consumers only value collaborations from the Western artistes.

Speaking on a Twitter space organised by Joy FM’s, Trigmatic noted that many African artists are making significant advancements across the continent but do not have the ability to acknowledge their efforts.

“It is sad that when African musicians do collaborations with artistes from say Mali, Guinea, Benin, we do not think it is an international collaboration and it is sad to start with. Because there are artistes like Bisa Kdei who will go to Guinea, go to Sierra Leone and play major shows. Guru played a show four years ago and it was in a stadium in Sierra Leone and it was packed and it wasn’t spoken of.

“I don’t know if we don’t think that moving from here is not an international move or because it is within the African continent it is not big enough. We are always waiting to see it happen within the Americas and the UK,” he said.

Trig cited KiDi’s collaboration with Indian artiste Tulsi Kumar, he said it was about time music consumers embraced the access of artistes in all music markets across the globe.

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