Two modern Astroturf with ancillary facilities will be developed in the Sekondi Constituency; one each for Sekondi and Adiembra. These projects are to be completed within the next six months.

The facility at Sekondi; christened “Wembley Park” is being constructed at the old Methodist park, by Wembley Sports Construction Company Limited. When completed the facility will boast of a changing room, spectators stand, and floodlighting, complementing a standard football pitch which will be fenced with PVC coated panel mesh. Funding for this Wembley Park is being provided by Ghana National Gas Company Limited.

That of Adiembra comes with the same specifications, and is being funded by GNPC Foundation. That project, is being executed by W360 Company Limited.

Speaking at a groundbreaking ceremony on Friday 3 January, 2020, the Sekondi Legislator emphasized that the investments will improve the sport discipline in the area.

He disclosed that his office had to explore and leverage on established networks to finance these projects, to create some space and use for their allocation of the one million dollar per constituency fund.

“My particular interest of using our one million per constituency is completely different but I felt that we could leverage on the network that we have, to get them to provide funding to get us an Astroturf in the constituency. So that we can deplore the funding from the one million per constituency into other areas. And that is exactly what we did.

“We requested GNPC…when there was a lot of delay, we requested Ghana Gas, and coincidentally, both approvals came in around the same time” he explained.
Mr. Egyapa Mercer justified that the relevance and impact of these facilities cannot be underestimated.

“If you go to the fishing harbor enclave, it’s extremely sad to see young men who otherwise could be deplored into productive activity, wasting away. So I felt that if we could get this facility here, that could attract people 27 hours a day, then it is entirely possible that we may be able to pull some people out there, get them to use this facility and build some career out of football” he stated.

He thus, implored the youth and the communities to make the best out of the facilities.

Credit: Abraham Mensah