‘Sakawa’ guys take over Ketan Cluster of Schools in Sekondi

Information reaching Ghanaprex.com is that, guys believed to be involved in ‘sakawa’ have taken over the Ketan Cluster of Schools in Ketan, in the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis.

Teachers in the Ketan Cluster of Schools gave a report on an issue which has been troubling them for a while now. Guys believed to be allegedly involve in ‘sakawa’ have taken over their school and doing all sort of indiscriminate act on the campus even when lessons is ongoing.

One of the teachers shared her experience and said, when class is in session, she will see these guys from no where who come to the campus and sit on the classroom verandas and start smoking. She added that, the guys don’t care whether class is in session or the children are on campus, they will do what they feel like doing and after they are done, they leave and some don’t even leave at all.

She said “One of the guys who came to smoke saw me leaving, in the process, he asked how much money do I make teaching?, he can show me an easy way or how to do ‘sakawa’ to make more than what I am making here”.

Also, she indicated that the guys have been breaking into the classrooms and the offices when school is over. They steal items such as laptops, computers and money. They also destroy school properties and make the place look very unpleasant for learning.

However, she is now scared for her own safety as the guys look very dangerous and feel like they can harm her and the school kids.

Speaking to the Assemblyman in the area, Kalsum Mingle Bermah revealed that, the teachers are no more involved in the affairs of the school. Anything concerning money or funds is handled by the Education Service and the parents of the wards. So the school has no money to hire security personnel to guard the campus.

“It is no more Parents and Teachers Association but now Parent Association” he added.

Moreover, he is ensuring that the theft and smoking issues on the school campus will be minimized by forming a watchdog team that will patrol and make sure the issue is been dealt with.


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