The Olden days songs was better than this days - EKA 1

The CEO Of BeatBank Studio who was also crowned the best sound engineer of the year 2019 at Central Music Awards 19 Emanuel Kweku Abban known in the showbiz industry asEKA1 asserts that the olden days songs was better than this modern days.

Sharing his knowledge on Kwantinpondo on Rich 98.7FM with Nac Aberantie, the award winner revealed that in  the olden days when artist wants to record a song, the person would set a team to  plan and review the  song well before he or she goes to the  studio to record but it's not like that  in this modern days. ''Artist don't plan they just come to recording studio and say  what is in their mind so we also do as they say and because of that their songs don't last long long in the system''. He said this when asked about the state of Ghana music as compared to the olden days.

Source: Rich FM

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