Appietus Apologizes To Zapp Mallet Following Fredyma’s Intervention

Ghanaian music producer, Appiah Dankwah, well known as Appietus, has apologized to Zapp Mallet over the #BehindDaHitz call made by Sarkodie.

Zapp felt offended and described the approach for a virtual challenge between him and other producers as disrespectful—of which Appietus quickly defended Sarkodie through a post on Twitter that there was no disrespect in his call so the veteran music producer should return all the awards he has won if he doesn’t want to be compared. 

Following Appietus’ reply, his trainer, Fred Kyei Mensah, popularly known as Fredyma, urged him to apologize to Zapp Mallet and reminded him about how he trained him. 

Respectfully, Appietus has reacted to Fredyma’s advice and apologized accordingly. 

Appietus wrote: “Fred Kyei Mensah Boss I’ve seen ur post #BehindDaHitz is hosted by Sarkodie to give the opportunity to music producers to showcase Ghana and the world our works so that the youth of today will know what we did back then, Myself n JQ were the first to start in Gh where we played back to back hits from our catalogs, Sarkodie is equally a young guy compared to my age n experience in this industry but me n JQ though it was a nice idea to do a face off on instalive to showcase our talents, if Zapp Mallet say’s Sarkodie is being disrespectful then indirectly he wants to say me n JQ don’t respect ourselves for participating in it, when all we were doing was making Ghana proud n showing the world our culture. 

“Please what’s so disrespectful about my tweet? Did I insult him? Boss Fredyma have u seen his post? If Zapp was not interested in Sarkodie’s show he could have simply said so? But what he said was what got me to tweet that. Respect to Zapp Mallet any day anytime he’s a living legend n there’s no doubt about that, I only wanted to set the records straight but if I came across as being disrespectful then I apologize, my tweet was not out of malice

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