'Behind The Scenes' Is An Amazing Song - Philip Osei Bonsu

Renowned Ghanaian Radio Broadcaster Philip Osei Bonsu otherwise known as OB has described Kofi Kinaata's latest single 'Behind the scenes' as an "amazing song"

The host of the popular political talk show 'Ekosiisen' in a facebook post wrote

"#BehindTheScenes is an amazing song.
Vintage Kofi Kinaata. Keep making us proud."

Meanwhile, The 'things fall apart' hit singer as part of his birthday celebration on 15th April released the song titled ‘Behind the Scenes

Known for his philosophical writing, he has already provoked conversation with ‘Behind the Scenes.’

Even though the song is self-explanatory and many have credited it as ‘Borgas (migrants) anthem,’ there are some points worthy of note in the song which this story seeks to bring to the attention of those who are enjoying the masterpiece:

The song could be best described as Traveller’s plea, Hustler’s request and Immigrant’s Prayer. Prior to many people traveling from Africa to seek greener pastures abroad, especially in Europe and the USA, there are extravagant expectations of these travellers. They are rather met with the reality when they arrive abroad. As they go through the daily hustle with some even taking up 3 or more shifts a day to survive, it is their fervent prayer that God sees them through the unbearable hustle.

Back home, friends and family members of these immigrants have the impression that they are living life akin to the Biblical description of Heaven. They have the perception that it is well with them but they are not ready to support home. The reality is that, most immigrants sometimes do not even have a convenient place to sleep left alone disposal income. This is where Kofi Kinaata mentions that a lot of people do not open up about what they go through whilst they’re away but rather seek solace in God’s ability to make a way where there seems to be no way.

Coupled with the hustle is the insufferable coldness of most of the countries where the migrants seek greener pastures. There are silent prayers of many that God should intervene because it is a fight beyond them. “Don’t let people ask me where is the God you worship because this fight is beyond us” Kofi Kinaata re-echoes the prayer of the borgas.

In this season of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there are many migrants who wish they are rather in their home countries as some are going through unbearable situations abroad especially in this time, every country is placing priorities on the survival of their citizens. Illegal immigrants will not be able to seek proper medical care abroad so it is left with them, their survival tactics and their deity of worship.

The song does not only emphasize the story of ‘Borgas.’ It as well paints the picture of people who also travel from their place of birth or where they live to another location, major cities or the capital city for work or for greener pastures. These local migrants also go through situations that they rarely speak about.

Kofi Kinaata in the song encourages that one should acknowledge the God factor in every hustle because there is a supreme hand that rules in the affairs of man and will make everything successful in His own time.

According to Kofi Kinaata, ‘Behind the Scenes’ there are a lot that people are going through which are in silence and not mostly seen.

The masterpiece ‘Behind The Scenes’ buttresses Kofi Kinaata’s prowess in songwriting, a trait which sets him apart as every music of his treats a topic.

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