My family said ‘university girl’ can’t be with a rapper - Tracy on challenges of dating Sarkodie

Sarkodie and Tracy some years ago
Sarkodie and Tracy make one of the favourite couple goals in showbiz but it was never rosy for them from the start.

According to Tracy Sarkcess, her family from the onset disapproved of her relationship with the then underground rapper over her educational status.

Tracy, who is now married to Sarkodie disclosed this during an interaction with fans on Twitter when she was asked if she ever faced any challenge in her relationship.

“Yes paaa! My family didn’t understand why “university girl” like me would date a rapper and there was the perception that rappers are womanisers.”

Further commenting on this challenge that she faced, the rapper’s wife also mentioned that did not listen to her family because she was the one in the relationship and not them.

“But I had to stand my ground. I was the one in the relationship not them so wasn’t going to let them choose 4 me #SrAskTracySarkCess,” she added.

The lovers dated for about 10 years, welcomed a 4-year-old daughter and finally got married in 2018 at a private ceremony. Sarkodie now stands tall as one of the top rappers in Africa and we guess Tarcy’s family will now be proud of him.

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