Stay original, don't fake on Social Media - D-Cryme to upcoming artistes

Ghanaian rapper, D-Cryme

Celebrated Ghanaian rapper and early proponent of the Ghanaian 'Twi pop'

genre, D Cryme has encouraged young and upcoming artistes to stay true to themselves and never try to live a life to please others.

Born Darlington Kwasi Agyekum, the CEO of Twipop Recordz, advising the youth who want to pursue music said, “I will encourage them to stay as original as possible. It saves the musician a lot of fake living and that for sure is a no for a starter.”

The musician noted that success was not earned on a silver platter and advised the young musicians to stay true to who they are and never try to be somebody else “as it’s a way to lose originality.”

“I started out as a freestyler on the streets and that went on for a while. For many years, I did street free-styling and beat-riding before getting the chance to get through to studios.”

He repeated that challenges exist in every turn in life and are meant to be resolved. D-Cryme advised the young to seek the advise of the older folk if they wanted to climb up the ladder of success.

“The younger music generation must seek the way of the old whenever they are hit with challenges of ascension into stardom”.

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