We cannot dream of going to Netflix" - Solomon Busumtwi Sam

Movie Director, Solomon Busumtwi Sam has said that Takoradi movie producers need support from stakeholders to enable them produce movies that match Netflix's standard.

According to him, people who are expected to support film makers in Takoradi only pride themselves in being natives of the region after producers have worked hard to put Takoradi on the map.

Speaking to Nyankonton on Rok 98.7 FM, Mr. Sam said
"Takoradi movies on Netflix is a mirage. This is because we do not have good equipments to produce quality movies. We can't even premiere movies now and even before the emergence of Covid-19, Takoradi people attend movie premiers only when the Jackie Appiahs and the John Dumelos are coming from Accra. They do not patronize their own. They argue that movies from Accra have better picture quality and so on".
"...but who have ever sold out a movie premier in Takoradi? Nobody!", he fumed.

He extended his displeasure on media players in the region and mentioned that on-air personalities in Takoradi do not hype their own but tend to hype those from outside the region.

Anyone in the Takoradi movie industry who tells you they're okay with the current state of the industry is probably lying because they do not have the needed support.

Listen to the interview below

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