NPP’s Performance In The Creative Arts Industry Mediocre - Sadiq Abdulai

One of the Spokespersons for the NDC manifesto in charge of Creative Arts Sadiq Abdulai Abu has said in an interview on Y 97.9 FM with McCall Mensah aka the Axeman on ‘Y Entertainment Podium’ although being a potential source for employment generation, wealth creation and skill development in the country, the Creative Arts Industry has been side-lined by the Nana Addo-led NPP government.

Sadiq Abdulai Abu made these comments when he was explaining the policies and promises of the NDC manifesto for the Creative Arts Industry.

‘’The lack of commitment and the lack of willpower to implement the eighteen (18) promises made by the NPP government to the creative industry is appalling and mediocre. The Creative Arts industry is very important to the economy and employs more young people.

The Creative Arts Industry is made up of sectors like advertising; architecture; crafts; design; dressmaking; fashion; film and video; interactive leisure software; music; the performing arts; publishing; television and radio’’ he said.

He went on to say the reasons behind the NDC’s ambitious plans for the Creative Arts Industry.

‘’After listening to the concerns of the industry players, the leadership of the NDC identified seventeen (17) ways to address these concerns.

We are going to fund creative arts institutions, resolve copyright issues, pass the creative arts bill among many others’’ he stated

Highlights for Creative Arts Industry outlined in the NDC’s 2020 manifesto:
1. A new ministry for the creative and digital economy.

2. See to the passing of the broadcasting bill and a media development fund.

3. Upgrade NAFTI into a fully-fledged university for film, arts, theatre and music.

4. Provide seed money for the creation of a special fund for artists including aged and needy creative artists.

5. Facilitate the enrolment of creative artists unto the informal pension scheme.

6. Set up a system of legal aid for creative artistes to help fight creative/intellectual theft and plagiarism by others.

7. Facilitate the placement of exportable creative art products for sales digitally with support from partners such as the Exim Bank.

8. Strengthen regulation to protect the copyright of artistes and ensure that they get value for their works by enforcing the payment of user fees under the Copyright Regulations, 2010 (L.I. 1962)

Credit: Bridget Mensah

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