D Black to set up media house that plays only Ghanaian music

Ghanaian rapper D Black has made known his plans of setting up a media house that will promote strictly Ghanaian music.

There have been conversations in the past about how the Ghanaian media space at a point promoted foreign content from America and even Nigeria more than our own.

In recent times, however, the narrative is changing with radio and TV stations doing their bit in promoting Ghanaian music.

Nonetheless, some industry players still believe that a policy that will allow for 90% local content on our media platforms is the way to go in taking music promotion in the country up a notch.

However, the CEO of Black Avenue Musik and entrepreneur D Black has expressed his desire to help promote Ghanaian content by establishing his own media house.

”Gonna invest in a Radio & TV Station dedicated to Hip-hop, Afrobeats, dancehall & urban music from Ghana only !! 90% our music !!!”, he tweeted.


An initiative like that would be a step in the right direction and D Black would be applauded and duly rewarded should he make such an investment.

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