Western Region: Girl, 15, defiled but father of alleged culprit wants a 5,000 GHS Compensation

A fifteen years old girl has been defiled by a twenty (20) years old boy in a village called Wassa Agave in the Wasa East district of the Western Region.

The young lady has become four months pregnant as a result and has subsequently become a dropout.

According to the victim’s mother, Madam Christiana Fiagble, the daughter was returning from selling some goods for her when the two young men at 20-year-old Kotey, in the company of one of his friends, apprehended that the young girl accosted her Anne Danielle slept with the young lady and the process.

The mother narrates that the young lady, on return from selling those goods, was being followed by these two young men, with Kotey proposing love to her daughter.

“My daughter refused the proposal and told them she is almost home and that it will be better they returned. But Kortey and his friend had other plans. They dragged my daughter into the bush. Kortey’s friend held her to the ground while he (Kortey) had his way with her.

“They threatened her that if she ever tells the story to anybody, they will deal with her ruthlessly. So being afraid, my daughter never mentioned it to me,” she said.

According to Madam Fiagble, she realized some changes in her daughter after some time and therefore decided to find out what was going on. She adds that it was upon this that her daughter narrated everything that had happened to her.

“I realized the body of my daughter had ‘changed’ after four months; she was vomiting, and the breast had become heavy. So I apprehended her and asked of what was wrong with her. That was when she opened up to me, narrating the entire story to me,” she stated.

The mother, therefore, summoned the boy and his family to the Chiefs palace for the right things to be done. The Chiefs, on their part, performed all the appropriate rituals to appease the gods for that happened because, per tradition, the gods prohibit people from having sex in bushes.

But the interesting twist in the story is yet to unfold.

While the proceedings at the traditional council were going on, it came to light that this was the second time the young girl had been defiled; the first being when she was 14 years old. With that, they had to perform another ritual to free her from the bondage. It was at this point that the father of the young man (Kortey), who defiled her the second time, decided that if that’s the case then his son is innocent and therefore he should be pacified for his name being dragged in the mud.

finalized development the man has subsequently filed or summoned the family of the girl to the Chiefs Palace they are telling but over 7:00 AM demanding payment off 50 million or series 5000 Ghana cities in penalty for his name being dragged in the mud the mother of the young lady say they have decided not to pay any money for they are not wrong and not see anything wrong when pursuing someone worthy vowed your daughter the police in the bus the police are yet to have a hold of the story when they reported the matter to the police in the central region they said they do not have a jurisdiction over over whether case happened and therefore they are to report the matter so that was it please the parents have since not been able to report to the robotic PlayStation becausw of lack of funds now the lady has been moved from the community becausw she is going through medical by committee members and their mother is being take it on for reporting the case the police station according to her the committee members feel she should have held onto the matter and addressed it locally through the alternative dispute resolution by third but how would this case end only time will tell Madera pobre this is Darrell.

Source: Samuel Kojo Brace


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