Petition Hearing: Jean Mensa is obliged to respond to questions – Marietta

A former Attorney General, Marietta Brew Appiah-Oppong, has said that the Chair of the Electoral Commission (EC) Jean Mensa is obliged to respond to the questions of the petitioner in the ongoing election petition hearing at the Supreme Court.

She stated that the EC is a statutory body that should render an account to the people. Therefore, she said, the chair cannot skip cross-examination in the case.

Her comments come after Lawyer for the EC Justin Amenuvor on Monday February 8 moved to close his case in the ongoing election petition hearing after the cross examination of the third witness of the petitioner, Rojo Mettle Nunoo.

Mr Amenuvor told the court that given the evidence of the petitioner’s witnesses who were crossed examined in the case, they do not want to lead any further evidence.


“Given the evidence of the petitioner’s witnesses under cross examination so far, of those witnesses, speaking for the 1st respondent, it is the 1st respondent’s case that we do not wish to lead any further evidence and therefore we are praying that this matter proceeds under Oder 36 Rule 43 and CI 87 rule 3 (e) 5, we hereby and on that basis close our case.”

Lead Counsel for the petitioner, Tsatsu Tsikata however objected to the move by lawyer for the 1st Respondent.

Hearing has been adjourned to Tuesday February 8” for legal argument,” on this matter the Chief Justice said.

Speaking to the media after proceedings, Marietta Brew Appiah-Oppong said “We should remember that this is the EC which has the constitutional duty to the people.  They have an obligation to account to us for our stewardship and they say they are not going to take the witness stand.

“Well, tomorrow we will see how our Lordships will rule in this. This is the EC Chair, a body created by the constitution which has an obligation to account to us.

“They are obliged, they have a duty to respond to our questions. EC cannot hide under human right to say they are not going to respond to us.”


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