Parents of the T’adi missing girls reject reports that, their children are dead.




The parents of the Takoradi missing girls have rejected reports by the police that,
their children are dead in a press conference today.

The two Nigerians who were accused and sentenced to death on March 5, 2021 by the Sekondi High Court is believed by the parents to have been wrongly acquitted and that, their children are still alive. According to them, the suspects have been wrongly judged because, Maame Tiwa Addo-Danquah, the Director-General of the CID by then, assured them that, their children are still alive and know their whereabout. So it is only a fallacy for those bones to find their way into a septic tank in Takoradi.

The families are of the view that, the bones is not that of their children and will want to know where exactly the children are.

During the press conference, one of the fathers said, “Divine authority of God will come down to all that they are doing, it is not by themselves, we have witnessed a lot of things. this very case they know, Tiwa said he saw them at Accra so how then did we find them in a septic tank in Takoradi?, did they kill them in Accra or they killed
them in Takoradi?”.

“When you kill a sheep and keep it in a water for six months, you can’t see the bones, not even the skin. We asked the pathologist what time did they kill the children, he said, he don’t know. How can you see someone who has died for almost 6 months wearing a new underwear and a new beads? Police should come out again with all the administrative heads with proofs which show truly that, their children are dead and nothing will be hidden anymore”. He added.


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