W/R: Constant shit bombing by ‘weed smokers’ forces headmaster out of office in Tarkwa

The Amoh Quayson Basic School in Tarkwa, also in the Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipality is facing some challenges as some unknown men, believed to be alleged ‘weed smokers’ have turned their classrooms and offices into a place of convenience.

Students and staffs of Amoh Quayson Basic School were disappointed on Tuesday, March 30, 2021 when they went to school to meet human excreta in their classrooms and offices. The headmasters office was the worst as human excreta was smeared on the walls including his tables and chairs in the office. The issue of certain unknown people committing these acts in the school was thought to be an issue of the past but surprised it has started again.

Also, not only do they use the school as a place of convenience for themselves, but they also steal properties such as ceiling fans, computers and go further to even destroy some school properties in the process.

Speaking in an interview, the Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipal director of education, Mr. Kwaku Duah indicated that, the headmaster came to his house to inform him about the incident at the school and made the journey to see things for himself.

He expressed that, during the time some people in the community decided to use the school as a place of convenience, they acted upon it and they desisted from such acts, so he is surprised with what has happened.

“We had a meeting with the P.T.A about the issue and they agreed to hire a security guard for the school but could only last for 6 months due to the funds. We informed the police and they decided to add the school to their night patrol territories. People desisted from coming here to commit such offence so I am surprised these people have started with the act again.” he said.

Moreover, the education director promised to investigate the issue and see possible solutions by meeting the PTA of the school, the assembly members, the MCE, police and security heads to bring the issue to a halt and make the school a convenient place for the kids to learn.


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