Blakk Rasta joins #FixTheCountry demonstration - VIDEO

Hundreds of #FixTheCountry protesters have taken to the streets of Accra to demonstrate against what they say is the government’s poor handling of social and economic situations in the country.

The protest is to pile pressure on the government to address Ghana’s numerous challenges, including youth unemployment, poor infrastructure, and high cost of living.

Clad in red-head and armbands, the protesters held placards with inscriptions some of which read, ‘A nation without patriotism is a dead nation’,  We aim for waakye, they aim for V8s’, ‘Fix the Country, ‘A new Constitution for the People’, among others.

One of the demonstrators, popular Radio Personality, Blakk Rasta said, it is important for the world to know about Ghana’s receding economic growth and stunted development.

He particularly took on leadership of the country, slamming them for not being representative enough of its people.

“We are here to demonstrate, to show that we are not happy with the system. We are here to let the whole world know that we have a leadership that is not representing us. All the loans they are getting, all the borrowings, all the flying and bathing in the sky, all those things do not represent us, so we are only here to let the whole world know that these guys in power are not representing us, and we are sending the message clearly to them that it better they start representing us now and later.”

Others also said:

“I came all the way from the Kumasi. The country needs fixing because it has no future. The country needs schools, hospitals and other amenities. A country that builds a Cathedral ahead of a school is clearly in disorder”, one of the protesters said.

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