Financial constraints hindering the promotion of my music – Opanka


Contrary to popular opinion that he does not promote his music well enough to get the necessary attention like his colleagues, rapper Opanka has revealed that lack of funds is what is hindering the promotion of his songs.

The musician who has been in the music space for over a decade noted that most songs getting a lot of airplay is not because of how good the lyrics are but rather the financial strength of the artiste or his/her label.

He went on to state that he is not signed onto any record label; adding that he does everything by himself and his team unlike other musicians.

“When you hear songs or you see someone promoting a song, it is not just how good the song is that is why they are playing it.

“Promotion has to do with your financial strength. I do not have a label. It is just my team and me and now with the Covid and even before it, promoting isn’t easy.

“Promoting is expensive and I’m not saying it is bad. People have families, people have to eat. I don’t have a label, I’m not signed onto a record label, I am pushing myself with my team.

“So I push it to my strength, just to that level and sometimes, I stop. Not that I don’t want to push, but you can’t push with any amount,” he told JoyNews’ Doreen Avio.

Giving more details, the ‘Eka Aba Fie’ hitmaker noted that two heads are better than one, hence it is easier for musicians getting financial support to do better than those working on their own.

“Music is lucrative, music is a huge business. Where I can cover with my strength, we can go further if you join me. But even with that, we can still achieve more with investors.

“We can reach high, so we all need investors, I will be honest,” he stressed on ‘Let’s Talk Showbiz’ on Joy News.

He was, however, quick to add that he is still working to put out good music with or without investors. Again, he was ready to go the extra mile to promote his music the best way he can.

Opanka went viral with ‘Simple’ freestyle in 2009 and dropped his first single titled ‘Taste’ in 2010.

He has since churned out great songs over the years like ‘Obia Ne Ni Taste’, ‘Wedding Car’ with a recent one titled ‘Eka Aba Fie’ featuring Shatta Wale.

Meanwhile, ‘Let’s talk Showbiz’ airs every Monday to Friday on the JoyNews Channel at 4:45pm. It is hosted by Doreen Avio who has been nicknamed the NavrongoChic.

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