GHAMRO spells out its mandate to public

CEO of GHAMRO, Abraham Adjetey

The Ghana Music Right Organization (GHAMRO) on Tuesday, August 31, held a press conference to spell its mandate and the way forward to executing its responsibilities.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Abraham Adjetey noted that the presser was essential to address recent misunderstandings about the organisation’s obligations to its members.

According to Mr Adjetey, the core function of GHAMRO is to collect and distribute royalties.

“Friends, colleagues, the main issue for GHAMRO is only two, to go and collect and after that they must distribute,” he said after referencing section 49 of the Copyright Act.

He sympathized with individuals who had the notion that GHAMRO is to bear the cost of sick musicians and others who have accommodation and other problems.

He stressed that the organisation can only work per the laws that guide its work

“We must be guided by the law, and the law is clear our role is only to collect and distribute, so our whole business is how do we set up a collection system and how do we distribute the money that we collected. In order to do that we are also guided by an L.I., for the purposes of all of us, an L.I. gives an operative instrument to the law, the 1962 LI gives direction to the law.

So in line with that, the Attorney-General and the Minister of Justice approves of three societies and they are the Ghana Music Right Organization that collects royalties for music, ASOG for audio-visuals and then Copy Ghana for literary works.”

He admonished members of the press present to relay the main obligations of GHAMRO in their future discussions when artistes are hosted on shows in order to educate the general public.

Present at the press conference were the Public Relations Officer, Prince Tsegah, and the accountant, Blankson Obani.   

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