My legendary status in Ghana music will never make me broke like others – Reggie Rockstone

Legendary Ghanaian hip-life musician, Reggie Rockstone has asserted that his legendary status in the Ghana music industry will never make him go broke like some of his colleagues who are now begging for alms.

Speaking on the award-winning OC Showbiz on Skyy Power 93.5FM on Saturday, September 18, Reggie made it known his contribution to Ghana music is immense and he has solidified his position in the Africa Music scene through the introduction of hiplife and he will forever be relevant.

He said this in relation to the recent incident of Ghanaian movie legend, Sam Adjetefio, popularly known as TT of ‘Taxi Driver’ fame begging for money to pay his house rent.

“If you look at my story, I’m a legend in the history of Ghana music and Africa at large with what I have contributed to music via hiplife.”

“Whether I play music or not, I will always be that guy, just like Daddy Lumba, Amakye Dede and Kojo Antwi. There are some certain people whether dead or alive will always have that reference because of their contribution.”

He also indicated he is still active in the music industry unlike some of his mates who are nowhere to be found after which he revealed that he utilised modern technology through the use of social media.

Also, many people who are important personalities in society grew up to his music and for that matter has an automatic immunity because his fans still see him as relevant and listen to him.

Reggies also explained that the way he carries himself has generated a lot of respect towards him and that is one thing that will make him forever relevant in Ghana music.

“I don’t use my social media handle for rubbish and attention-seeking, I share a lot of wisdom there to educate the youth about real life.”

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