Sarkodie, Pure Akan And Others Support Kirani Ayat In His Copyright Dispute With Ghana Tourism

More creatives in Ghana’s entertainment industry have joined Kirani Ayat’s campaign to seek compensation for the Ghana Tourism Authority’s use of his intellectual property.

The dispute between Ghanaian musician Kirani Ayat and the Ghana Tourism Authority over copyright infringement does not appear to be going away anytime soon.

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Since yesterday, the dispute has sparked interest from players in the entertainment industry and beyond, with many launching a ‘Compensate Ayat’ social media campaign.

Ghanaian musicians Sarkodie and Pure Akan joined the conversation today.

Sarkodie took to Twitter and wrote:

“We ( creatives ) do a lot to put our country out there, attracting a lot of tourists x investors that translates to money to help nation building yet that’s one sector with no support… I feel my brother and support him especially if he actually reached out and didn’t get help.”

Pure Akan also showed his support by tweeting: “Compensate Ayat”

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