I've stopped smoking weed but police constantly harass me suspecting possession - Kwaw Kese

Rapper Kwaw Kese has narrated how some personnel of the Ghana Police Service (GPS) harass him anytime they see him suspecting he is in possession of illegal substances.

Kese was on Accra 100.5 FM's 'Ayekoo Ayekoo' on Thursday, December 22, 2022.

"As at now, the police see me and stop me to search for weed," he bemoaned.

Three days ago, he added, it happened again.

"I was in the Trassaco area, in an Uber cab when the police stopped us. The moment they realised it was me in the backseat, they asked me to step down for a search for weed," he cited.

"I have even stopped smoking weed," he stressed. "You want to find weed on me for a case so you put me in jail again."

Recently, the Swedru-native drew the police's attention to Reggae/Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale's allegation that his former manager Bullgod, formerly known as Bulldog, planned and carried out the murder Kwaw's Manager Fennec Okyere.

Inspite of this, "Shatta Wale and Bulldog are walking free," an angry Kwaw Kese noted. "Instead of attending to this, the police wants to catch me for weed possession to put me behind bars."

"They want me to go look for a lawyer to petition," said the 'Nonsense' hitmaker, offering a sneak peek at the latest concerning the murder allegations against Bullgod. "Meanwhile the evidence is clear."

In light of these police conduct, he said: "Sometimes, when I travel, I don't even want to return to Ghana."

He dwelled on his incarceration due to weed possession.

"Anytime I remember that issue, I grieve," he said. "I'm a citizen of Ghana but when they caught me smoking weed, they put me in prison but when a Jamaican came to Ghana and was smoking in public all over the place, the police, armed with guns, were guarding him while he smoked in the midst of Ghanaians."

He wondered: "So what does the police want? How do they work? Are they working for Ghanaians or against Ghanaians?"

On Thursday, 23 April 2015,Emmanuel Kofi Botwe, alias Kwaw Kese, was sentenced to a day's imprisonment for smoking cannabis in public and fined GHS1,200. The ruling was given by a Kumasi High Court. The rapper's arrest was by police in Kumasi on Saturday, November 22, 2014.

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