COVID-19: Lawyer F. Faidoo Donates Items To Constituents In Takoradi

Takoradi parliamentary candidate for the biggest opposition party NDC Lawyer F.F Faidoo has joined the fight against the coronavirus by presenting hand sanitizers, Veronica buckets and tissues to market women at the Takoradi central, New Takoradi and Adakope markets.

In a related development, The National Democratic Congress Parliamentary Candidate says the assertion that Takoradi is  a no go area for the political  parties apart from the ruling New Patriotic Party is only a myth, which he would break in this year’s parliamentary elections.  “We are going to break the myth and bring physical development to the people of Takoradi”, he said.

No NDC candidate apart from late Madam Tabitha Quaye who served as Legislator for the Takoradi Constituency on the ticket of NDC in 1992, has ever annexed the seat. But, Lawyer Faidoo is of strong conviction that he would change the trend this year.
“So my support base is far bigger than most of the candidates the party had presented. That apart, I am a listening and approachable person”, he boasted, adding that this is the trump card he would use to win the seat.

Touching on the margin of votes in the last election, Lawyer Faidoo said, “my strategy is to narrow the gap and overtake it. I know I am going to take the seat with a difference of over thousand votes”. Pursuant to this dream, he has called on voters who share in his vision to rally behind him to ensure total victory. “I am going to fight for their needs, bring new type of leadership and type of governance that will involve everyone. I am not going to Parliament to serve as a legislator for only NDC. No, I will consult and share ideas with everyone including business groupings”.

According to him, he would introduce a new form of politics that would be participatory and also be ready to account for his stewardship.

Touching on whether he has resources to deliver the Takoradi seat for the party, Lawyer Faidoo was quick to explain that political resources were not only monetary “but the message you are conveying.”

To him, when the voters see that you are someone they trust and can also approach, they would do the job for you. “So political resources is not about money only”. he added.


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