Western Region: Online drivers set to embark on strike

The Ghana Online Drivers Association in the Western Region are embarking on a 2-day strike from Monday, May 31 to Tuesday, June 1, due to what they term as an unfair treatment meted out to them by the online taxi companies.

Speaking in an interview monitored by Ghanaprex, the Welfare Chairman for the Ghana Online Drivers Association in the Western Region, Emmanuel Cudjoe, explained that there have been some changes in the policies of the online taxi business which is to their disadvantage.

He first indicated the cancellation of trip policy. Explaining this, he revealed passengers can cancel trips at any moment after they have ordered for a vehicle which they do not get penalised for their actions. According him, passengers who used to cancel trips before the new policy were charged a specific amount to compensate the drivers for time wasting but that is not the situation any longer which is bad for business.

He further added that passengers are pampered by the company even when they are reported for misconduct, but drivers are penalised by getting their account blocked if they are reported by passengers. He made it known that the drivers are not in the interest of the company but their main focus is to get more passengers on their platform for profit at the expense of the drivers welfare.

However, speaking on their demands from the online taxi company, they will like the fare rates increased due to the recent increase in fuel prices. He made it known the current fare rate is very low and is not helping them in their business at the moment since they will buy fuel and service their cars in the process.

Also, they will like the new cancellation policy scrubbed since it is making passengers feel comfortable to cancel trips at any moment even when they have arrived at the precise pick up point of the passenger. According to them, it is time wasting, fuel consuming and not profitable for the business. They will need more regulations on the application to desist passengers from the act.

Moreover, they will want the security on the application upgraded and take identification of passengers serious. They have had some instances where criminals disguised as passengers attack the drivers and snatch their vehicles and sometimes kill them which when reported, the company is unable to give any vital information of the criminals due to the porous security system by the company.

He explained that all their complaints have fallen on deaf ears which is the reason they will embark on the strike to make a statement to online taxi companies.


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