Takoradi Traders Complain Over Electricity at New Market

The Takoradi Market Circle traders that have been relocated to a temporary site near the Ahenfie Hotel are complaining over the lack of electricity at the new site.

Some of the traders shared their grievances saying, they are yet to relocate due to the fact that there is no electricity at the new market.

“Before the relocation, they took entrance fee from us including our electricity metres and assured when everything is ready, we will be giving keys to our shops. That has not being the case, we did not get any keys and had to build the shops ourselves and now, there is no electricity for us to work,” a trader said.

According to them, the city authorities have failed because they did not keep to their promise as the whole relocation process has been extremely frustrating.

Also, some of the members of the market who’s work solely depend on electricity are yet to relocate since the whole relocation process 2 months ago due to the fact that there is no power.

A trader said, “There have not being any wiring in our shops or electric poles in the market to give us hope that light will be connected soon, things are getting hard for us this time”

However, some traders added that, the lack of public toilet at the market is also a problem for them. As there is no toilet in the market, they sometimes need to hide in their shops or walk a long distance to find a toilet before they can ease themselves.


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