Vacant Venues In Cape Coast Than Can Be Considered For Quarantine Centres - KB Writes

There are lot of  places in the former Ghana capital,Cape Coast that can be be used for quarantine / Isolation centers instead of authorities moving from school to school trying to use them for Isolation/ Quarantine centers.

The vacant places was put out by a Cape Coaster  on Oguaman public  platform and after accessing these places, I think they will best serve the purposes of quarantine/Isolation better than the Senior High Schools authorities are targeting because, most of these schools have bungalows occupied by masters teaching in that particular school plus their families. So you will be wrong to assume that these schools are vacant because they are on break.

Again, despite the fact that, residents are resisting the idea of using Senior high schools for quarantine/ Isolation  purpose,  we should note that, the idea of Isolation / Quarantine which is to separate suspected people  from the rest of the citizenry will be breached and again the identities of these people will be circulated that will also ignite stigmatization.

In this regard, I suggest authorities in Central region ( Cape Coast) take a look at the following venues below for quarantine/ Isolation purposes.

THE NEW CAPE COAST STADIUM  has a HOTEL and HOSTEL facilities, Restaurant, Canteen etc all located inside the  stadium. This facility can really serve the purpose since all sporting  activities is on hold. The facility is also walled and isolated.

THE ABURA CAMPUS OF CAPE COAST NURSING AND MIDWIFERY SCHOOL can also be considered since the School is next to the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital complications can be handled easily.

MAIN CAMPUS OF THE CAPE COAST NURSING AND MIDWIFERY SCHOOL CAMPUS near the Cape Coast Metro hospital can also be used.These and a few other places I think can be considered instead of moving from one SHS to the other.

Source: Kweku Bee Abrante

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